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Are there any Slash writers in the community?
I would love to read some Went M Slash.
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How about writing little pieces here and there?


November 6 2005, 15:27:04 UTC 11 years ago

I'll write just about anything when the mood strikes me. Het, slash, big mass orgies.

Who did you want to see Wenty ass fucking?
Lets see what your imagination comes up with.
Even Tom Cruise?
Pair him with Robert Knepper!
I've been itching to write Went/Dom. }:-)
:) hehe
I think you should do it.
submit it ;-)
I really might. I'd need to work my way around Dom's happy family life, though.
omg do it pls do it!!! *cries*
im desperate here... some parings -canon or real person- are so underloved in this fandom... *sniffles*
I'm hesitant because I do still have the issue I mentioned above with Dom being happily married and because I know so little about the guys, really. If I get a concrete idea, however, I'll certainly give it a shot.
i really don't think that his marriage should be an issue... for me rps is just like regular fanfic. but if it's an issue for you then don't do it
Well, that's actually part of the point -- in any story, RPS or FPS, if one of the people I want to pair with someone is married to someone else, I'm not just going to ignore that established relationship in the context of the story. I have to find a way to deal with it within the story, even if it's just a character saying something like, 'yeah, it's great; we have an open marriage' or 'separation is rough,' in order for the pairing to work in my mind. And when canon -- in a fiction source, the media, or whatever form I get that canon -- keeps verifying for me that the established relationship is a happy one, it's more difficult for me to come up with reasonable ways to get around it. I mean, in the real world, I'm certainly not pro-adultery, but that morality question is not what I'm trying to say my issue is for writing the story; my issue is how the people deal with that quandary in the story itself so that they still seem 'in-character' and believable.
Well I really can't comment further on this because IMO, writing fanfic is for the sake of entertainment, both the writer's and the reader's and if it gives you such dilemmas, then dont write this kind of it. I mean I like a complex angsty fanfic, I like people *in* character and I like believable things but the problems you listed here are not for us to worry about. I mean the happy marriage factor here for example. I don't want to be a fuss or anything I'm just saying I take these things in stride somehow.
Yes please!
Well, I did just read or hear something about DP and his wife amicably separating. . . . *g*
*wink wink*

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how and where can I download that radio interview? Love to hear it!
Ditto to anisapologist's comment.
You sure that slashing Michael wont be enough?

I remember deviant_dev who writes popslash mentioning a while ago that might write some PB actor slash. But yeah, that was a while ago. Maybe you should go and bug her a bit to get her going.
I notice you are one of the maintainers for wmiller_fanfic. I didn't see a contact link anywhere so I'm dropping my question here. I started a new ADULT Prison Break community called pb_dark. Real person fic/slash is allowed...encouraged even. So I was wondering since you're a Wentworth fanfic community I thought maybe I could put your community on my user page as an affiliate and you could do the same on your's for anyone looking for darker more adult fan offerings.
i have written a pretty long fic involving wentworth and dominic... i am as yet to post it anywhere cos i'm not 100% happy with it yet. It'll be in the pbslash community when i get around to posting it!
I happen to have read musicophilia's Dom/Went slash and I loved it!! You should soooo read it!

There are also some strange fics that go by the name of CornyPornyMovies which purport to be M/L but are in reality...D/W! If any one would like the link just ask!