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A Dirty Girls Fantasy

There were a million stars out, that night, making everything seem so striking and endless. A young woman sat at her open bedroom window, as the cool breeze blew in, swiping against the thin layer of perspiration on the back of her neck, causing a gentle shiver to shoot through her body. It had been a surprisingly hot day for a Tuesday in early November, and now the woman didn't want to leave the cool breeze that the late hour of the night brought. But she knew that she needed to sleep eventually. She stood from her place at the window, stretched her arms as she yawned, and quickly slipped out of her nightgown before crawling into bed. It was much too hot to sleep with that damned nightgown on, and the cool cotton sheets felt nice on her exposed body as she drifted off to sleep.

A few hours later the woman half-awoke, thinking that she heard some sort of thud in the room. She looked over at the window, and sat up in alarm, the cotton sheet falling away from her breasts as a small gasp escaped her lips. The window was now open much wider than she had remembered leaving it before she went to bed.

"Don't scream, don't move, don't say a word." A husky voice said into her ear as a cold, strong hand slipped around to cover her mouth, preventing the woman from doing any of these things even if she had wanted to. The bed shifted as a tall man moved from his hiding place next to the headboard to sit behind the woman, using his free arm to pull the woman so that her back was pressed tightly to his chest. "Now, I'm going to uncover your mouth, but first you have to promise me that you won't scream. Do you promise?" She nodded in agreement as the man slowly lowered his hand away from her lips.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"That's not important right now. What's important is that I've been watching you for a long time. What's important is how badly I want you, and how hard I'm going to fuck you." His hot breath on the back of her ear combined with the erection she could feel pressed against her lower back sent a shiver up her spine. There was something familiar about this man's voice. He swiftly changed positions with the woman, moving so that he straddled the tops of her legs, pinning her arms above her head with only one of his hands so that she couldn't move. Light from a nearby street lamp came in softly from the open window, allowing the woman to at last examine the intruder's face. She recognized him immediately, though she had never met him before. She knew him from TV.

"Wentworth Miller?" she said in astonishment. What was the guy from Prison Break doing in her room?

"Shut up." He struck her across the face with his free hand. "You ask too many questions." And with that, Wentworth unzipped his pants, and pulled his rather large, erect cock through the opening. The woman barely had time to process what was happening before he tore the sheet away from her body and thrust all of himself inside her. She let out a yelp of shock and pain, causing Wentworth to once again slap her. And then the thrusting began. In and out and in and out. At first it was very painful, but soon the woman became very wet as Wentworth's cock brushed her clitoris with each stroke. The wetter she became, the deeper Wentworth pounded her, until her skull started knocking the headboard of the bed.

"Oh God, yes!" The woman shouted, arching her neck, ecstasy completely enveloping her.

"Yeah, you like that, you little slut." Wentworth responded; using his right hand to squeeze the woman's breast and pinch her nipple, while the other hand still trapped her arms above her head. "Go on, tell daddy what a fucking whore you are."

"Oh Wentworth, I am such a dirty whore, oooooooooooooh!" She moaned as her orgasm swept through her body. He continued to pound her, prying the lips of her mouth open with his fingers and taking the opportunity to spit into the cavity. But she didn't care. This man could degrade her all he wanted so long as he didn't stop doing what he was doing. She could feel her second orgasm building, when Wentworth suddenly pulled out, roughly flipped her onto her stomach and then thrust back in, barely missing a beat. This position hit her G-spot just right. She screamed loudly as her second orgasm overtook her, the sound muffled by the pillow that her face was now buried in. He slapped her ass hard as punishment for the scream.

The thrusting now sped to an alarming pace. Wentworth let out a moan. He was almost ready. He pulled out, moving his hand to pump his shaft, cum shooting all over the woman's back. "Oh God, oh yes." He groaned softly. A sigh escaped his lips as he shot the last of his load onto the woman, who was now too exhausted to even consider moving.

Wentworth leaned forward to lick the back of her neck, before giving it a hard bite, leaving a small, red mark. "I'll be back tomorrow." He promised, before getting off the bed and climbing back out the window. The woman let out a sigh and drifted off into a dreamless sleep.
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